How can I help?

I would love to help you in your goal to get healthy and lessen the symptoms you are feeling.

We get started by scheduling a one-to-one complimentary zoom session. Here, we will discuss your particular health issues, and any needs and questions you may have. During this time I will show you the exercises and their modifications, so that when you begin class, you can modify the movements for you.

I will then send you the zoom link for our online classes.

Let’s get started!

Email me at:  [email protected]

Or call:  720 470 8049

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I am available for you. Give me a call to discuss what you are looking for in taking this step towards health. You can book your online sessions, ask questions or make suggestions. I’m here to help!

(720) 470-8049

Talk to you soon!

Regan Birr

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