Regan MOVES is a Gentle Wellness Program Designed to Increase Your Energy and Help You Feel Better

Regan MOVES exercise is low-torque and low-impact. It’s designed for folks like me, who have challenges, whether you’re in a rut or have physical challenges. Regan MOVES will help you get fit!

Because of its gentle approach, Regan MOVES is for everyone.

It’s modifiable UP or down in intensity.

It’s all about joint safety.

So it’s great for athletes and starters alike,

because safety will keep you in the game.

Regan MOVES is low-torque and low-impact.

Regan MOVES is three components. It’s Regan MOVES exercise, combined with a healthy mindset to help you fight challenges, and a wellness eating approach (approved by your doctor) to tee you up for success!

Combined with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, you will feel great.

Get doctor approval first, and then see how far you can take it!

Exercise should be sustainable. Therefore, it should be fun! I’d rather have you underdo than overdo. We don’t want to incur injury. Safety’s number one.

We don’t want to feel sore after a workout, we want to feel “like we worked out”. There’s a difference, and only YOU should decide what that level of intensity is.

I want to be able to do at age 90 what I do today.

Slow and steady wins the race!

Created Out of Need

Whether dealing with pain, a sports injury, limited motion or low energy, Regan MOVES makes exercise possible by maximizing motion of the body and minimizing joint torque. It was created specifically so that those with chronic challenges such as lupus, MS, arthritis, fatigue, osteoporosis and other challenges could work out and get strong.

Regan MOVES was created out of necessity. When I was diagnosed with lupus and arthritis, I had intense pain and fatigue. It nearly debilitated me. One day, tired of feeling terrible, and guilty for not being able to do what others could, I decided to make a change. I became determined to exercise, and do it consistently. I decided to try weight-lifting and aerobics. I knew the importance of building muscle and endurance. This was almost impossible at first, because it hurt! So, I used my background in mechanical engineering to figure out a way to exercise. I discovered how to hold my body while lifting weights and safely carry out the motions. Keeping joint comfort as a top priority, I also designed aerobics that are safe. Aerobics became enjoyable!

Awesome Results

This program has changed my life. I’m in shape and am healthy. Regan MOVES invigorates me, and makes me strong. It even helped me lose weight! I feel  capable again, competitive again. Really, I feel happier and stronger than I’d ever imagined I could be. It’s given me my life back.

And don’t take my word for it, see the Testimonials page for real-client results!

More Details

Regan MOVES incorporates low-torque exercise. I will show you how to reduce your torque and joint pressure-points to exercise safely. It is whole-body exercise, working all the muscle groups. It is cardio and strength-training. And it is low-impact. You can work out with Regan MOVES without shoes!

It is entirely modifiable:  modify UP, or down, to your comfort. All exercises can even be done from a chair.

See Media for Videos That Show Exactly What Regan MOVES IS.

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Be KIND to Yourself

We encourage you to work out at YOUR level, and not overdo it. The key is sustainability, so you can stick with it and be healthy FOR LIFE.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet:  Increase Energy, Decrease Pain

Regan MOVES also incorporates an anti-inflammatory diet and way of eating that increases energy. This increase in energy allows us to exercise.

This eating method can also reduce pain.

See Nourishment and excerpts from My Book for more information.

This is for YOU

This program is perfect for everyone, including those with chronic challenges, seniors, moms, baby boomers, athletes, students, and starters. It is for those who want to get ripped, or those who simply want to eliminate a sedentary lifestyle and increase functionality in day-to-day living.

Regan MOVES represents a commitment to your self. Take ownership of your condition. With commitment and consistency, Regan MOVES will help you look and feel great – for life.

Make Regan MOVES your standard, so you can achieve your healthy-living goals.

Call me to get started.

Free Consultation

Call me to get started. We can walk through a Regan MOVES session and the diet program in a free 60-minute consultation. We are currently offering Regan MOVES over zoom. This is for the safety of everyone, and is great because you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Click on These Tips to Be Inspired!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Gentle IS effective! There are ways to get a great body without literally beating yourself up! Stay injury-free with me!

The Beauty's in the Details

It is important to pay attention to detail. The smallest tweaks in form can be the difference between staying on the couch and performing exercise; exercise that  gets you fit!

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Keep at it. I’d rather see you “under-do” than over-do. Sustainability = fitness and health for life! You want to be able to do at age 90 what you’re doing now.

Small Steps Make a Huge Difference!

Take things a little at a time. Progress and sustainability come with tiny, tiny steps. Trust me, it works!

Three Levels of Regan MOVES (Click the Tiles)

Regan MOVES Gentle

For those that are newly diagnosed or experiencing a flare, or have had an injury or recent surgery. All exercises can be performed from a chair.

Regan MOVES Intermediate

Moderate-intensity exercise. You may include a step and weights (and still may use a chair).

Regan MOVES High Intensity

For those in good general health who want a challenge while maintaining joint safety.

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My Core Objectives

It is time to feel capable, positive, and happy again!

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Clients Include

Vi at Palo Alto Senior Living:  Regan MOVES Gentle for Seniors, Regan MOVES Balance for Seniors, and Aqua-fit

Heart Fit for Life:  Senior Healthy-Heart Fitness for those with cardiovascular events

YMCA Coon Rapids and Lino Lakes:  Regan MOVES Intermediate

Community Ed Anoka County:  Regan MOVES Intermediate

Lupus Foundation of Northern California:  Regan MOVES Gentle for lupus patients

Lupus Foundation of Minnesota:  Regan MOVES Gentle / Regan MOVES Intermediate for lupus and arthritis patients

Arrillaga Family Rec Center:  Regan MOVES Gentle for Seniors

Arrillaga Family Rec Center:  Mat Pilates, “Abs and Arms”

Alpine Hills Tennis & Swimming Portola Valley:  High Intensity Class with Step and Weights, and Osteo-Fit class for Seniors

Medtronic:  High Intensity Regan MOVES Strength, Regan MOVES Cardio

Personal Training Clients:  all ages and abilities

Remember, Gentle IS Effective!

Remember, Gentle IS Effective!

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